David Trubridge

David Trubridge's creations are not just lamps but a meld of art and environmental consciousness, inspired notably by nature and manufactured using organic materials. His portfolio includes unique designs that stand out due to their natural colors and shapes that diverge from traditional lighting fixtures. Particularly notable are his bestsellers: the Coral pendant, inspired by sea plants; the China pendant, reflecting Maori culture; and the Hinaki pendant, reminiscent of a fish trap. Trubridge's commitment to minimizing resource waste is evident in his approach of shipping many lamps as assembly kits, empowering customers to partake in the creation process.

Popular lamps from David Trubridge

David Trubridge has ingeniously combined eco-friendliness with uncompromised design and quality across his range of lamps. His designs are celebrated for their functional beauty, casting captivating shadows that enrich spaces with an intricate play of light. Among his collection, the China and Koura pendants exemplify how Trubridge's lamps can transform any home with their decorative appeal and thoughtful design, making them standout pieces that harmonize perfectly with modern aesthetics while spotlighting environmental integrity.

David Trubridge as a designer

Renowned worldwide, David Trubridge's journey from a Newcastle-educated individual to a luminary in design is a testament to his dedication and innovation in the field of design, particularly wooden lamps and furniture. Starting his career as a lumberjack, Trubridge harnessed his understanding of wood, translating it into beautifully crafted wooden lamps that reflect his meticulous attention to detail and innovation. Since establishing his company in 1995, David Trubridge has made significant strides, evolving from producing furniture and lamps to focusing on a broad array of lamps that are acclaimed internationally, underscoring his commitment to design excellence and environmental stewardship.