MOEBE, established in 2014 by Martin de Neergaard Christensen, Nicholas Oldroyd, and cabinet maker Anders Thams, is renowned for crafting design furniture and products that embody a minimalist aesthetic, focusing on modular designs for easy assembly, repair, and recycling. Among their offerings, the modular shelving system stands out for its flexibility, capability to declutter spaces both small and large, and its construction from high-quality Birch Plywood and powder coated Steel, designed to integrate seamlessly with each other. The trio's combined expertise in architecture and cabinet making drives the company's commitment to functionality without foregoing quality, evident in their approach to experimenting with construction techniques that allow different materials to come together in a manner that's both robust and easily separable. This philosophy is applied across an expanding portfolio that includes not just furniture, but also lighting fixtures, lamps, and accessories, all marked by their simplicity and the removal of unnecessary elements.