DCWéditions, a French manufacturer renowned for its high-end designs, emphasizes the creation of honest, beautifully designed, and reasonably manufactured lamps and furniture. Drawing inspiration from the past, the company believes in repurposing historical designs for modern use. The portfolio of DCWéditions includes a variety of evolving collections such as Respiro, Org, Aaro, among others, each contributing to the brand's mission of offering timeless designs that stay fashionable.

Respiro lamps from DCWéditions

Designed by Philippe Nigro, the Respiro lamp series symbolizes the essence of breathing light into spaces, encouraging social interaction and storytelling. Philippe, a distinguished French designer with an impressive background, envisages Respiro to embody both functionality and aesthetic appeal. These lamps come in two lengths, 90 cm and 120 cm, and are available in three different colors, catering to diverse design preferences and enhancing various interior settings.

Sebastian Summa – The designer behind the Org lamps

Sebastian Summa’s creation, the Org lamp, stands as a testament to elegance and innovation, drawing inspiration from the metaphor of a shooting star. Born from Summa’s mastery in metalwork and his creative environment in East Berlin, the Org lamp mesmerizes with its blend of brass ends and opal glass, emulating the transient beauty of falling stars. The lamp's design versatility is showcased through both pendant and wall lamp options, available in different lengths, making it an exemplary piece of art that illuminates homes with a whimsical light.