Secto Design

Founded in 1995 in Finland, Secto prides itself on crafting lamps that exemplify the beauty of Finnish design, marked by exceptional quality and uniqueness. Their creations, fashioned from Finnish birch and walnut by skilled local cabinetmakers, encapsulate a concentration on detail and craftsmanship. The Octo and Petite series represent iconic collections within Secto's offerings, with the former being particularly celebrated. These lamps go beyond mere lighting solutions; they embody distinctive pieces of craftsmanship that brilliantly blend design excellence with function, ensuring every Secto lamp not only illuminates spaces but also redefines them with a touch of artistic finesse. Secto's selection, especially their pendant lights, showcases a broad spectrum of designs catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.

Popular lamps from Secto

Secto has carved a niche for itself in the realm of wooden lamps, thanks to its dedication to handcrafted perfection and a long-standing specialization in woodwork. Embracing wood as the core material for its lamps, Secto infuses warmth and soul into each piece, making its collection a prime choice for those seeking unique lighting solutions. Among the standout offerings are the Secto Octo 4240 pendant, Secto Atto 5000 pendant, and Secto 4210 floor lamp. These pieces not only exemplify Secto's commitment to quality and aesthetical appeal but also highlight the distinctive charm that wooden lamps can bring to any interior space, encouraging a closer look at these and other Secto designs for inspired home décor choices.

Secto and Seppo Koho

The collaboration between Secto and Seppo Koho, an accomplished Finnish architect and designer, stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to unparalleled design and innovation. Koho's academic background in both applied arts and technical studies, combined with his vision for unique Finnish materials, has significantly shaped the aesthetic and functional ethos of Secto lamps. Their partnership, marked by a shared design philosophy and a fruitful collaboration, has catapulted Secto to the forefront of wooden lamp design on the global stage. By introducing Secto Design USA in 2017, the duo has successfully extended their reach, reinforcing Secto's status as a leader in the wooden lamp industry and showcasing their creations to an international audience.